Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024
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We handle and have had experience with all aspects of the entertainment industry. In addition to all forms of business entities, we handle individuals and their loan-out corporations that are involved with movies, television, music, etc. Examples include actors/actresses, writers, directors, producers, studio executives, production designers, musicians, performers, stunt people/coordinators and second unit directors. Our services range from consulting to income tax preparation and planning to all inclusive business management services.

We have had extensive experience in production accounting and taxation. Specific business types include special effects companies, special projects for major studios and related entities, radio stations, and various production companies.

In the area of business management, we handle and oversee all of our client's financial needs, including:

  • All tax work, including preparation, projections, and all dealings with taxing authorities
  • Deposit all income and pay all bills
  • Prepare all monthly accounting records, including the financial statements, cash receipts and cash disbursements journals and general ledger
  • Provide financial guidance
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